More Sex + Deeper Love = More Money

Could true love & better sex help align you with your purpose, create more value and drive higher levels of financial success?

I love you > you love me > I love me

If your heart is lonely, desolate and not enlivened, everything you do will be less radiant, less engaging and less successful. If you don’t believe you’re truly lovable, then no amount of success will sustain your yearning for fullness. A true love relationship nourishes your sense of self and satisfies that ache to be loved unconditionally. Being in love with another gives you powerful access to falling in love with yourself. Think about it, if you trust your partner’s perspective, admire how they think, and they choose you as the one they LOVE, you have no choice but to believe they know what they’re talking about.

Eben and I have been practicing a new skill lately, instead of saying “I love you“, during a rush of affection we now say “You love me” -not as a question, but a triumphant statement. I recommend you try this, it will really impact your partner (or family member) in a different, perhaps more meaningful way. Just imagine them saying to you in heartfelt candor, “You love me“. It feels deeply satisfying to hear & know that your love is landing over there with them. It gives you a boost in esteem, empowers you as a lover, makes you appreciate & love yourself more. This can only catapult your success in other areas of life. You shine when you’re truly loved and people will sense it and want to get more of it and buy whatever you’re selling.

Double Your Power

Having a partner support your dreams only helps them come bigger & faster. Just knowing someone is clapping for you, takes your game to the next level. Why else would sports teams do better when they play in home field? When someone has your back, you really can do anything.

It’s easy to be distracted by doubts or get stopped by insecurity when you take on a project by yourself. But when you have someone believing in you, feeding you ideas, offering support and pushing you forward, you inevitably go further and faster.  When someone really loves you, they love not just you, but your dreams, and they’ll stand with you through anything to get there.

Dreams are our mind’s ‘children’. Two parents can always do way more than one parent ever could -for a child or a dream. Romantic partnership powers your success way beyond what you could ever accomplish alone.

Being in love gives you superpowers. It takes whatever your skills are and multiplies them by the resources and skills of your partner. One dream gets done faster with 2 brains & 4 hands. And this not a linear shift, it’s exponential. You are better able to serve the world when you are deeply in love with some particular part of it. Loving another offers important access to loving the world at large. Once sprouted, love grows out in all directions, towards everyone. Customers & clients can feel it and want to be around it.

Relating Sex & Money

How you relate to money and how you relate to sex are directly connected.  Yes indeed, sex & money are joined at the hip in all sorts of unconscious ways. In fact, if you’re struggling in one of these areas, let’s say ‘sex’, then getting your sex life sorted helps your money issues falls into place. It may seem indirect, but it works. Many of my clients have observed this strange phenomenon, in both directions.

Your sex life is an indicator of your receptivity to abundance and pleasure. There seems to be a connection between whether you can give & receive during sex and whether you can exchange value for money in the world.

For many women it can be difficult to receive sexually. We live in a culture where females are taught to give & take care of others first.  Often their value is linked to their ability to do this.

I suspect this comes from a latent belief about our unworthiness, which unconsciously impacts how much we think we deserve to get paid from our work. One unconventional way to lift your income is to practice getting better at receiving during sex. If you’re not sure about whether this applies to you, ask your sex partner, or your ex, they’ll tell straight up you whether you are “good at receiving”, and trust whatever they say.

My favorite technique for curing this is called “Taking Touch“…it starts with the way you caress your lover. Imagine stroking their arm with your fingers, often we move our hand in ways we assume would make our partner feel good. But with the ‘taking touch’ technique, your job is to stroke in such a way that delights your fingertips, feels good on your hand, without even worrying about how it feels for them. Pursuing your pleasure, as a woman, is the easiest way to give your partner permission to pursue theirs. Taking touch is excellent for cultivating your own capacity to receive and absorb pleasure. But you have to actually get out of your head & it’s narratives (“am I doing this right?” “are they liking this?” “am I being good?”) and get into your body. If you’re not bringing your attention & consciousness to your fingertips as you caress, you cannot hope to discern what you enjoy feeling.

The next step is to start applying ‘taking touch’ (private enjoyment of the sensations) anytime you are touched, caressed, fondled. Try to feel the delight rushing into your body directly from their hands, mouth, c*ck. On your inhale, imagine you are sucking in pleasure through your pores and the wider you open them, the more yummy it feels.

We all have pleasure thresholds, limits to how much ‘delight’ we can tolerate comfortably, past which we experience as ‘too much’, ‘unsafe’, or even ‘scary’.  When we reach our limit, we subtly shift position, move our partner away, or try to reciprocate instead. Your work is to not move, but stay in your body with the physical pleasure & push that limiting edge forward. Keep stretching, keep feeling the sensations, and notice each time that you don’t die!  This is a muscle you can only build with repetitive practice. Even if you simply last 1 second longer each time, it’s progress.

Creative Cum” -another edgy technique I teach my clients is to use their orgasms for magic & creation. Every time you ‘come’ your mind gets soft like plasticine, it becomes ready for shaping with autosuggestion. In fact an orgasm is a very intense trance state where you can consciously lay down anchors linked to outcomes you want. Why waste such a good opportunity to embed some visions of your desired future?

If you want a new job, imagine your dream job while you’re climaxing. If you want a new car, imagine that.

Whatever you want, visualize that at peak pleasure -always in 1st person & always in present tense.

When I first started my coaching practice, I struggled to invoice my clients; months would go by without a bill. I felt guilty charging others to do something I loved. So I went to the bank and took out $10 000 in cash. Next time I was about to masturbate, I spread the bills all over my bed. As I approached orgasm I stared at the money and imagined it coming in to me in exchange for massive value going out to my clients. I saw a cycle of value exchange and it got anchored with my sex.  Ever since then…I’ve been making six figures.

So what’s the moral of this whole story?

  •   Having a romantic partner makes your dreams happen faster
  •   Your receptivity to pleasure scales with your receptivity to money
  •   What you imagine while you come…will come