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Get More Love

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Ever wish you were having better sex, more connection or a deeper relationship?

…We all do.

Every woman has moments when she notices her desires don’t match her current romantic reality. Until we clearly understand our deepest desires, track when they arise and how they are formed, we cannot fully stand for them coming true.

What if you already had the ability to get exactly what you want? What if it was secretly you (not your partner) who was holding back the connection you dream of?


Wanting more sex, better sex, or a greater sense of intimacy with our partner is a powerful, heartbreaking need.

For many of us, our desires around sex can be hard to talk about. In many cases, our partners are instinctively following our subtle body signals and giving us the level of sexual connection our unconscious mind is wanting.

As women, we often say we want our partner to do one thing but our body indicates something entirely different. Until our unconscious agenda is made fully conscious, it will continue to undermine our conscious, explicit desires and impede our romantic success.

In this course, we explore if (and where) there may be a delta between what you claim you want in a relationship—and what your unconscious mind is pulling in.

Driving the desire for more love and better sex lies a hunger for authentic connection. However, that desire has many implications.

Some implications we can track, but others remain hidden from our awareness. The desire for more connection is often co-mingled with fear, anger, anxiety and a range of other emotions that have been anchored to historical experiences of intimacy.

This complex cocktail of emotions can become an unconscious roadblock to a having great sex life.

All feelings have ancient histories in our bodies. They are entangled with associations, stories and hidden beliefs, many of these are invisible to us. Even something as simple as “joy” or “pleasure” can be fraught with tolerance thresholds and upper limits.

For example, if one of your parents instinctively turned away from situations that gave them joy, you might find yourself struggling to hold pleasure in your body. On the other hand, in some people, intimacy conjures a sense of being smothered by a parent. For them the prospect of romantic connection can feel exciting to their mind but suffocating to their body.

There are many forces that govern how we interact with our desires. Becoming aware of all these influences allows you to see where you might unwittingly be getting in the way of your desires.

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I used to think “turn on” was driven by hormones, our mood or physical circumstances. Then I began exploring what caused our turn on to shut down.

The more I studied it, the more I realized sexual attraction was a CHOICE. You could learn to generate your own turn on whenever you wanted, with ease and grace by enlisting your intelligence & imagination.

Having a dial on your libido gives you great power…and makes you irresistible to men. Plus, it increases your access to orgasm, making sexuality even more enjoyable for you. It’s a skill that can revive a relationship and replace hesitance with passion.

I want to show YOU how to use sex to build intimacy with yourself and your partner.

More Love Better Sex teaches in a systematized way how to listen to yourself first and then communicate your needs to your partner, whether on a first date or in a decade-long marriage. Annie’s programs taught me that relationships are an emotional dojo… Part of what we long for is someone who sees our best self even when we don’t and calls us to be that person.


What more could you possibly have to learn about sex and connection?

You know that feeling of fantastic sex: you’re super-charged physically, emotionally and spiritually. Likewise, you are probably also familiar with sex that feels dead & lifeless.

When sex is a direct expression of the complex emotional dynamic between you and your partner, it is always exciting, unpredictable and alive.

My program shows you how to access all your emotions (from ecstasy to anger to jealousy) and enlist them in your sexual dynamic. Sex is where you can play out all the feelings that have no other place to go. It’s a space for authentic expression, improvisation and sacred theatre. Let’s make it a safe & nourishing haven for True Love to flourish.

“How to Get More Love and Better Sex” is an audio program with five 1-hour sessions and a bonus session.

In this program, you’ll discover how to:

  • Connect With Your Intuition – so you can tune into your body’s truth beneath the shame & guilt
  • Excavate Your Needs & Wants – learn what you inner animal craves independent from others
  • Express Your Needs & Wants To Others – share your truth with your partner so they can know & trust you
  • Honor Your Desires – recognize your needs & wants are the sacred whisperings of your soul
  • Make a Clean Request – learn the key phrases, attitudes & mindsets to make requests that work
  • Be Flexible and Open to Collaboration – learn to find the overlap between your needs/wants & your partners

How To Get More Love and Better Sex Program Sessions


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How To Get More Love and Better Sex offers a shift in mindset, a fresh approach to partnership that can deliver instant results in your relationship.

These are some of my best tips and insights around sex that have revolutionized the way my clients relate to their partners and their desire. Get the program now, listen immediately or download and listen at your own pace.


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All of my programs are covered with my 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t receive the expected value, please let me know about it within 7 days of your purchase.