If you want to sample how I work 1-on-1, let’s schedule a one-time deep dive consultation.

For one hour we’ll explore the areas of your love life that are frustrating, confusing or painful. Together we’ll get clarity and uncover those hidden patterns that might be keeping what you really want at bay. Think of this as tender open-heart surgery.

We’ll also map your deepest romantic desires & aspirations, then create a custom-built plan to transcend the major emotional blocks that are holding you back from having the love you deserve.

This will be a laser focused coaching session dedicated to cultivating in you -new mindsets, new beliefs and new day-to-day actions that produce immediate results in your life.

Not 100% happy with the value you get? No need to pay.

Initial Strategy Session: $1000/ hr


“Annie Lalla is an artist and her medium is the human heart. How she sees the world—and how she speaks about it—creates a field that feels magical. Within this field I believe anything is possible. I re-enlist as a believer in love and and believer in myself. I always emerge from Annie’s field changed and resourced—healed even. Being the best lover to my wife is my highest commitment, nothing is as important as being co-source of our extraordinary relationship. When I need help with that cause, I bring my most precious concerns only to (literally) the finest craftswoman in the world. There are few people I trust with my life and my love in this way, only one is available professionally to you—that is Annie Lalla.”

– Bryan Franklin, Executive Coach and CEO at California Leadership