Success Stories

Pure Love, Acceptance, and Action

“Annie Lalla is pure love, acceptance and action. That makes her a true coaching professional. Annie helps because she wants to, not because it’s her job. Annie is resilient, even when working with a “difficult” case, because her deepest love is unshakable -a foundation of god, truth and right living- from which her work, her relationships, everything emanates. A rare source of grounded love & sanity, in our stressful, diffracted world, I’m honored to know Annie and highly recommend her work. If you are considering using her services, don’t miss out on this opportunity to work with a brilliant, insightful, innovative professional.”

-Dr. Neal M. Goldsmith
Psychotherapist & Author

Deepest Heart’s Desires

“Annie is one of the Divine’s special love poets, insisting on love in all it’s forms with every inhale and exhale. Her radiant light and deep insight will illuminate your deepest heart’s desires.”

-Regena Thomashauer
CEO, Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts

Confidence To Explore Love

“Annie Lalla has been a cherished part of my life for many years, over which time she has encouraged, pushed and stretched me in every way: to be more alive, loving, and courageous as a human, friend, and especially, as a therapist. She’s helped me learn to always choose love and possibility over fear. I have never met a healing professional more personally committed to her clients’ growth and realization. Annie is an inspiration in how she constantly expands and refines her diverse skill-sets, knowledge, compassion, and attunement; if her first approach to a client doesn’t land she will try another, and another, until you find a breakthrough. And if she needs to learn (or invent) something new just to help YOU, she will leap at the opportunity. But be warned, with Annie you WILL get what you ask for–she is always ready to operate just outside of her comfort zone, and expects you to push against yours as well, until you find yourself in a new space of love, awareness, and freedom.”

– Dr. Lincoln Bickford, MD, PhD
Psychiatrist / Neuroscientist

Annie Knows Every Inch of the Terrain

“Observing Annie in action with a client is to observe the fiery sword of Love itself. Carving new space in the heart of another, she reveals the kind of depth & truth that bonds lives together forever. To me, other couple’s therapists, counselors, authors of famous books, and coaches are all blind children doing their best to guide clients along emotionally treacherous pathways. Annie is one who has drawn the map, who lives in the land, and knows every inch of the terrain. She is a virtuoso of love.”

Alex Allman
Founder, Revolutionary Sex

Most Significant and Authentic Voice

“Annie Lalla is the most significant and authentic voice I’ve encountered in my lifetime of study of Love, Relationship and Psychology. Her work exists at the intersection of wisdom and wonder, drawing on cutting edge science, grounded in ancient wisdom and exalted by her own intuitive imagination. My life, in all domains, has been revolutionized as a direct result of her mentorship and guidance.

Her work is the stuff religions are based on, that sainthoods are granted for, and from which heroic quests are called forth. If given the chance to work with Annie, you are being given the chance to work with God through her, and that is an opportunity beyond the realm of price.”

– Anthony David Adams
Founder of Love Dojo + The Love Game™

Turned My Inner Cynic Into a Believer

“I didn’t believe in love and had given up on ever finding a mate. Annie inspired me to move beyond false beliefs that were holding me back from intimacy. Her fierce idealism turned my inner cynic into a believer. Annie is the most brilliant love coach in the world. I should know, she’s the love of my life & wife.”

– Eben Pagan
Entreprenuer, Teacher, Author

Annie Stands For My Greatness

“Annie stands for my greatness so powerfully that any part of me I don’t appreciate is simply loved into submission. From that place my unwanted blocks to love relax, loosen, and fall away. She translates the sometimes hidden language of emotions into clear messages that liberate me to become the lover and partner I admire most. It is an incredible and rare gift to have the heart and mind of someone as extraordinary as Annie focused on you. There is no one I trust more to help guide me.”

– Jennifer Russell
Transformational Coach, Speaker

Infuse Love, Courage and Intimacy Into Your Relationship

“I’ve been in the relationship field for a long time & worked with numerous therapists and coaches. I don’t trust many people to hold the delicate work of relationships and I’ve never come across a leader like Annie. She has a remarkable genius (a word I don’t use lightly). I would send my highest profile clients to Annie knowing she could get them results no one else could. If you want someone to infuse love, courage and intimacy into your relationship -especially in the most challenging circumstances, Annie will do it with the highest level of brilliance.”

– Layla Martin
Sex Coach, Speaker

The Guardian Angel of Our Relationship

“Annie is the only person I trust with my questions on love and relationships. Her perspectives on these topics are more evolved than anyone I’ve ever met. She’s been so incredibly supportive at times when I was struggling in my relationship, and always had the exact insight I needed to hear. She challenges me to take full responsibility in my role as a lover and partner. My partner and I see Annie as the guardian angel of our relationship. Her ideas have left such a deep impression on us. It’s as if she’s always there rooting for us as we dive deeper into embracing true love, with all its challenges and joys. I am forever grateful to have Annie in my life as a coach, mentor, and friend.”

-Emily Sussell
Yoga Career Coach

Anything Is Possible

“Annie Lalla is an artist and her medium is the human heart. How she sees the world -and how she speaks about it- creates a field around her that feels magical. Within this field I believe anything is possible, I re-enlist as a believer in love and and believer in myself. What’s best is that I emerge from Annie’s field changed and resourced—healed even. When I need help with my relationship, I bring my most precious concerns only to (literally) the finest craftswoman in the world. There are few people I trust with my life and my love as Annie Lalla.”

Bryan Franklin
Executive Coach and Transformational Leader at California Leadership

Magician of the Heart

“Annie Lalla has the most subtle, positive, and uplifting views on love and relationships I’ve ever encountered. Her presence is a great gift in my life. She is a magician of the heart. It’s impossible not to feel even more inspired in your relationship after a conversation with Annie. Her heart blazes passionately and she wants the same for you. With a mind as refined & multifaceted as a diamond, she cuts through relationship BS, and reflects the gems of wisdom from within our own heart. Annie has given me game-changing advice at several stages of my relationship. I am about to get married to the woman of my dreams in a few weeks, and I could not be more grateful to have Annie’s support throughout the whole process of wooing my beloved and beyond. Thank you Annie!”

-Michael Ellsberg
Best Selling Author, Education of Millionaires

“Docking Station” for True Love

“When I met Annie I was a skeptic of love. I lived my life in self-constructed “compartments,” exposing parts of myself, while carefully hiding others for fear they were “unlovable.” Annie helped me let go of my shame, love myself as a whole, and become what she calls a “docking station” for true love. Fast forward to today, now I’m happily married to the man of my dreams. Our relationship is deeply nourishing, free from compromise and overflowing with inspiration. Thank you, Annie, you are a love coach extraordinaire and I am forever indebted.”

Jena la Flamme
Creator of Pleasurable Weight Loss

The Way To Happiness

“Annie Lalla is the most perceptive, versatile, loving counselor I ever met–in fact, I didn’t know that it was even possible to be so gentle, incisive, and effective all at the same time. The first time I worked with her I braced myself for the discomfort of dealing with my darkest, most shameful secrets–and she held my hand, and stayed there with me, and showed me the way to happiness and wholeness. The second time I worked with her, I wasn’t scared at all–I just felt so happy and grateful to benefit from her wisdom.”

Nathan Otto
Founder, Safe Conflict Project; Executive Peer Coach

Kernel of Love and Consciousness

“Annie will find the kernel of love and consciousness in the tangle of whatever is going on –the place for maximum expansion in the human experience– and with gentle precision and playful puissance, she will fan that tender flame in your heart, helping it to burn bright and shine a light on the path your soul most deeply desires to embark upon. She is adept at seeing your particular obstacles to experiencing true love and expert at helping to loosen and seduce you out of their grip. I cannot more highly recommend her as a relationship coach.”

-Jules Cazedessus

Deep In Love

“Annie Lalla is truly a gift to the universe. She’s a perfect mixture of compassion, & knowledge fiercely dedicated to love & your relationship. I had only met her once, but knew intuitively she’d be the perfect coach to work with us at an extremely challenging and transitional place in our relationship. Her work with us individually + together has been incredible. Our communication has never been better and we have a true understanding of each other’s differing perspectives. I am in my dream relationship with my perfect man…deep IN LOVE like I have always wanted to be, knew we could be, but had no clue how to take it to the next level until Annie showed up. She has a beautiful way of bringing you back to the moment and what is REALLY happening underneath & so effortlessly + gracefully. You have “ah- ha” moments every time she speaks. I cannot thank Annie enough for her brilliance and HUGE heart. She is the real deal. If you want serious, tangible, immediate results then she’s definitely your woman.”

-Monica Park
CEO, Heal Real

Presence and Commitment

“Annie is a rock star! She’s been instrumental in our reaching a whole other level of intimacy, security and calm in our relationship. Her work with us both as individuals and as a couple has transformed our communication and listening skills, level of mutual understanding, and our ability to support one another in living the extraordinary life we’re choosing to live. Our sex life is now amazing, we’re laughing together a lot, and we’re both able to “hear” love in all of our forms of expression (even during disagreements!). I can’t say enough about Annie’s presence in and commitment to our relationship.”

-Brandon Tome
CEO Vantage Media

The Courageous Mirror

“Annie came into my life at a time when I was finding it very difficult to establish meaningful relationships with women. I really didn’t understand why and was finding this increasingly frustrating and demoralizing.

She provided the unflinching and courageous mirror to show me how I appeared to the world, and then the caring, sensitive coaching I needed to unravel and display the beauty within me. Annie profoundly helped me find love for myself and therefore be truly available and ready to connect with others. Now, happily married for over a year, I’ve never looked back!”

-Tim Johnson
Musician, Artist, Consultant

Confidence To Explore Love

“Annie Lalla’s petite, small body frame may look fragile from a distance, but don’t let that fool you…

Once you get close, hear the power of her voice, and the genius of her mind, you will be grateful that she’s dedicated her life to the most sought-after quest and oldest struggle in humanity, L-O-V-E.

And even if you think you’ve understood Love before, there’s no more passionate Director than Annie Lalla as she takes you through the delicate dance of your heart and it’s corners where hidden shadows lurk so darkly that, until now, you’ve been afraid to look.

Annie gives you the tools and confidence to explore every part of yourself, and she teaches you to see and honor those parts so the light of pure love shines in, and those wounds are forever healed.

Yes, Annie is a Healer, a Teacher, a Master and a Student all in one. In your journey to travel to the edge of love and pain, where they dance as one and the same, she is the best guide I’ve ever seen.

Beyond therapy or ‘self-help’ or any other frame that we can use to describe Annie’s transformational work on a human’s heart, mind, body, and soul, nothing comes close to containing all that Annie brings to the conversation. She truly is in a class and category all her own.

She has shown me how to love deeper than I ever imagined possible and that began with the act of forgiving and loving myself – ALL parts of me, even those that I had been hiding from forever. I have strength that I never knew I could have, and the courage to believe in love no matter what!”

– Andréa Albright
Natural Weight Loss Expert, Yoga Teacher, Author

Loving Solution

“Annie is simply one of the most positive, glowing, open-hearted souls you could hope to meet or spend time with. Having a glimpse into her perspective on the world and hearing her encouraging nuggets of wisdom on one’s relationship or other troubles makes worries magically melt away; you realize things simply aren’t as bad as you thought and there is always a positive, loving solution to be found.”

-Klina Jordan
Marketing Manager, Enterprise Services at 2degrees

Intelligence and Clarity

“Well having her as a coach is like having a best friend, a friend who brings intelligence and clarity of thought you never realized was possible. You may resist some, we all do when were stuck… but then you’ll learn something that blows your mind to the next level up -where your problems become obsolete. So go ahead, place all your questions and confusions in her hands then sit back and watch your life transform. ”

-Mike McLaughlin
CEO of Thai Art Imports