Find Mr. Right

and Get Him To

Marry You

Climb inside the mind of the man that is your soulmate.

Find Mr. Right

and Get Him To

Marry You


I want to help you find your soulmate.

How do you become the woman he wants to stay with–for life?

Throughout my life, I’ve witnessed countless friends spiral through relationships, wanting so badly to find “the one”. Months (and years) would go by as they’d search to find a partner ready to pair for life and all that comes with it.

I did this myself. I became very close to marrying several times, but then it wasn’t quite right. I’d be heartbroken and knew I’d become resigned if I didn’t figure it out soon.

How do you meet HIM and create commitment, not just another “practice” relationship?  

Or maybe you’re with someone. But is this person truly “the one”?

Or maybe you’ve been with several partners over the years, thinking you’ll find him but then t doesn’t work out. You might be left thinking…

“What’s wrong with me?”

I know what that feels like, as do so many women looking for HIM.

Find Mr. Right and Get Him To Marry You is an audio program to help you see your own behaviour from another angle. With curiosity and courage, you’ll discover how viewing your romantic habits from several perspectives can reveal hidden insights. Invisible patterns often hold us in repetitive cycles that can trap us. I’ll help you break free.

Rather than feeling discouraged about finding your life partner, what if you understood what might be causing the challenges you’re having now?  What if you could see clearly how to create a new possibility that breaks you out of old patterns? …This is your wake up call.

I created this program to help you chart a new path forward. Your future partner is already looking for you.         Let me help you recognize Him.

Session 1: It’s All About You

• How to raise your self-esteem and internal-value in 3 easy steps
• Embody your highest feminine power by learning how to ‘Queen’
• Regard yourself as royalty & stop all mis-treatment from others

Session 3: It’s All About The Relationship

• Learn to transform your disagreements into deeper levels of connection
• How to bring all your emotions and your needs to the partnership
• Use the relationship as a crucible for both of your highest growth
• My husband Eben Pagan gives a male perspective on romantic relationship. This is an exclusive insider view on how real love works for us. We’ve developed some incredible tools for handling connection & conflict

Session 2:  It’s All About Him

• Get clear on your desired soul mate, and your wish list of traits
• How to recognize ‘Your Future Husband’
• Stand for his greatness and nurture the best in him

Session 4: It’s All About Commitment

•Why he won’t commit to you (yet) and what to do about it. It’s usually because he doesn’t feel safe; learn to shift it.

• How to make him choose YOU over every other woman
• What to do if he’s not sure, help him see you as his future wife

• Discover the biggest mistake that keeps him from marrying you & how to overcome it

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