Wedding Vows

  1. I vow to accept, appreciate, and protect your individuality, your freedom and your solitude.
  2. I vow to create a safe space to express ALL of your emotions – fear, anger, jealousy, lust, shame, joy, excitement – and to welcome your deepest truths.
  3. There are no sins in this relationship; no want or request is off limits.
  4. Bring me your honest, open heart…and whatever you ask for, the answer is “yes.”
  5. As we each develop in our unique ways and at our own speeds, I commit to staying at your side and encouraging you to evolve at your own pace.
  6. With our partnership as my highest value, I vow to listen to your needs and desires, synchronize with your body-mind-sprit, and collaborate to create something beyond what I am capable of myself.
  7. I vow to create an extraordinary sex life for us. I will encourage your expanding sexuality, your fantasies, and your sexual inspirations – without judgment or embarrassment.
  8. As the foundation for our growing love, I commit to creating longevity, health, and energy through nutritious food, regular exercise and intentional rejuvenation.
  9. I commit to alchemizing our conflicts into deeper intimacy, to hear your perspective, to feel your pain, and to use these conflicts as access to our greatest growth opportunities.
  10. I vow to co-create my future dreams and visions with you. Together we will craft the best environments and contexts to facilitate their fluid emergence.
  11. I will treat your family as my own, and stay committed to their safety, health, growth and expanding potential.
  12. I dedicate this relationship and our love to the development and actualization of all humans and all of life. I offer our love as a crucible for the future of evolution.
  13. I commit to live my life as conscious art that inspires others to love more fully.
  14. In recognition of our relationship as connection to all Being, I will continually re-cognize the oneness of the infinite, the true source of love, consciousness and creativity.
  15. I commit to continually evolve these wedding vows; always refining, transcending, and including them as we grow together.
  16. I vow to protect our relationship with my life, and I commit to seek trusted advice, support from friends and outside experts if ever it feels threatened.
  17. I vow, through every heartbreak, through every wound, through every doubt, I will faithfully find my way back, reconnect my love to your heart, and stay with you forever.

“Love is not for the faint hearted…it’s a gladiator sport.” – Annie Lalla