Don’t Think You’re Happy

If You Think You’re Happy, You’re Not! Thinking you’re happy doesn’t get you there. Happiness is a feeling in your body, it’s a matrix of 
sensations that arise in your physiology, not in your [...]

How To Marry the Man of Your Dreams?

…Become the Woman of His If you want to find the most amazing man to be your mate, you’ve got to become the most amazing woman he’s ever met. He’ll want to know his woman has a great life [...]

Vanquishing Your Victim

The path to true freedom If you brought some friends home and they watched you walk into your apartment and put your feet up on your sofa with your shoes on, they’d probably assume they [...]

Love, Sex and Shame

Today we’re going to talk about 3 things: first we’ll explore how to increase the amount of love you experience in your life, we’ll also talk about sex -how to make it better and deeper for you [...]

Find Mr. Right and Get Him To Marry You

Tele Class Transcript: We’re going to cover the following three aspects of romance: How to know if you’ve found the one, I mean really recognize your life partner as different from all the [...]

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