Should I Stay or Should I Go?

How to know when a couple should break up or stay together… -especially if you’re in one? The conclusion to break-up can be an honest, heart-felt assessment made from a calm, loving place [...]

5 Things He Must Feel To Fall In Love

Want to be in love forever? If so, you first need to know how to recognize the real thing. Since often, it’s the woman who sees it, before the man. As a relationship expert & love coach, I’ve [...]

I Love You, I Hate You…

I never thought I was capable of hatred. It was the ugliest human emotion, one my identity loathed to own. Sadness, fear, shame, pain…I could entertain all of them, but anger had no place [...]

Freedom vs. Love

“The difference between Love & True Love is the difference between a very large number & infinity.” -JBP Infinity…could you imagine loving another all the way to [...]